A random guy writing random code. Using a brute force attack, some of my code actually works. Here, I write about that code: how it works, how to use it, why I love it. Occasionally, I may even write about code others have written or websites or … really, anything somehow related to coding. It’s my personal website, and I do what I want.

As for me, I was born quite early in the 2000’s. In fact, it was the first year I believe. I became interested in programming in what I believe was 2014 when my older brother and I took the Python course written by Zed Shaw: Learn Python the Hard Way. I fell in love with the language, and I’ve spent more time than I ought writing code in it. I’ve fiddled a little bit with other languages, but nothing has given me the great pleasure that Python does. Don’t worry; I no longer have much respect for Zed Shaw’s book, but I give it credit that it was what made me interested in programming. If you don’t understand why I dislike the book, I recommend what was written by some users of Stack Overflow: LPTHW Complaints